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Here, customers have provided us with feed back of our services.....

Lanarkshire Hardwoods


“After years of using other machines, I eventually acquired and upgraded to a ‘proper job mill’, an old Forestor Tom Sawyer Diesel Mobile but knew little about how to operate it properly in a way that was kind to the engineering and at the same time produced good results.   I also felt it needed some reconditioning and general TLC but had not found anyone who could help me.   

The discovery of the existence of James Sharp and Westtec Forestry after reading about him in Forestry Journal revolutionised my sawmill –  Westtec came and assessed the machine and gave me an accurate costed report of a whole stack of things wrong with it,  broken down into what needed doing to it urgently,  plus what could be done in the future but wasn’t so urgent, to spread the costs a little. The specialist knowledge of the Forestor machine range was obvious from the start,  as was the family sawmilling knowledge;  James has been kind enough to pass on many tips.   At any time of day Westtec has been available on the end of the phone or email with a quick reponse and answer to any problems,  and reams of great advice in response to my queries.    The old diesel mobile Tom Sawyer was quickly brought up to a good standard and the value of the machine increased well above its original purchase cost plus Westtec’s costs combined,  which was proven when Westtec sold the machine for me for a good price,  at the same time as securing a much newer long bed static electric Tom Sawyer machine for me in summer 2010 as an upgrade. 

I employed Westtec to decommission the static from its previous site in Devon,  supervise its loading and haulage to Scotland and to fully re-commission the saw in our new sawmill shed.  This service was carried out with the customary professionalism and fount of knowledge I had come to expect.  The installation was carried out over just one weekend.  It is always a real pleasure to deal with James and I consider the Westtec service an absolutely essential accompaniment to any Forestor sawmill and sawmill owner.

Patrick Baxter,  owner /operator   December 2010.”



We needed to upgrade to a one-man sawmill after our main man retired so decided to sell our Trekkasaw and find a Tom Sawyer sawmill, having hired one in the past.

Jim Sharp of Westtec provided excellent service, attentive and professional throughout in finding a used Tom Sawyer for us and helping us sell our old mill and we would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone seeking help in sourcing woodworking machines or for advice on sawmills and sawmilling.

Dave & Pete Bates

Stiles & Bates


CALL 07912 842787

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